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What does Import Settings mean?
When is this helpful?

How to import the checklist changes to the app

What does Import Data mean

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What does Import Settings mean?

The Mobile App works both Offline and Online and the data has to be manually updated once changes have been made on the Admin Portal.

Import Settings will pull the latest data available onto the Mobile App.
For large teams, another great feature is Broadcast.

When is this helpful?

When you make the following changes on the admin portal and you want those to show on the Mobile App:

  • Changes or created a checklist/form

  • Created a new Department or Company

  • Added more locations

How to import the checklist changes to the app?

On the first use or after changes have been made in the portal, to update the data on the app, please use the import function as per below:

Also, here are some screenshots on how to import in 3 steps:

What does Import Data mean?

To import data is to transfers data from the GoAudits Admin Admin portal to the GoAudits mobile app.

When the data import is complete, it sends the data to the GoAudits cloud servers and auditors will have a choice to view the report in real-time. You require an internet connection for importing data to work.

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