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How does an action plan assignee receive the tasks?

How to take action?

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When is this useful?

When you want to notify an assignee about an action to be performed and closed.

How does an Action Plan Assignee receive the tasks?

Step 1: The action plan assignee receives their tasks via email.

The subject line of such an email looks like this:

Follow up tasks - <name of the checklist in which the task has to be performed> - <name of the location> - <date>

How to take action

Step 2: Click 'Take Action' to go to the task details page and take action.

After clicking 'Action', the details of the action will be displayed below.

Step 3: Enter your response here, add images if necessary, set the completion date, change the status, and then update the action.

Once you click 'Update', a second email will be generated to inform you that the action has been closed.

Then in GoAudits admin portal -> Analytics -> Action Plan -> All actions -> Closed, the action's status will be shown as 'Closed'.

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