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How to Delete/Archive a Form/Checklist

How to Restore a Form/Checklist

Step 1: Log in to the GoAudits portal at: on a Desktop. Under Setup, click on Forms/Checklists

How to Delete/Archive a Form/Checklist

Step 2: Select the Template you wish to delete, then click the 3 dots and select Delete/Archive.

How to Restore a Deleted/Archived Form/Checklist

Step 1: From the menu bar on the left, select Forms/Checklist.

Step 2: Click on Deleted Archived and you will be taken to the Forms/Checklists that have been Deleted.

Step 3: Select the template you would like to Restore and click the 3 dots on the bottom right of the checklist, then click "Restore".

The Restored Form/Checklist has now been moved to the Audits list.

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