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When is this helpful?

If you create a form/checklist and you perform an inspection and generate a report, if you want to remove a question the system will not allow you as the question has been used in a report.
To remove questions, you will need to disable them rather than deleting and this will hide the question from the questionnaire.
If you need to add questions or make any other changes, the best practice will be to clone the questionnaire/form as a new form and make changes on the new one, then disable the old version

Step 1: Log in to the admin portal: on a Desktop. Under ‘Setup’, select ‘Form Builder’.

Step 2: Find the question you wish to make changes, click on the 3 dots beside it, then select Duplicate to clone the question.

You can't change the pattern to a current question when you already have performed audits as you have generated reports with that pattern and that will affect the scoring of previous reports.

Step 3: Select the cloned question to display settings by tapping/clicking on it

Step 4: Select the answer type from the left side of the screen and drag and drop it on the question

Step 5: Edit the answers on the right-hand side menu. You can add, remove or edit the answer pattern here, including the scoring and the colour options

Step 6: Save the progress by clicking on the Save button

Step 7: Disable the previous question - tap on the question and disable it from the menu. The question will not show on the questionnaire/form any longer but this is a reversible action so you can re-enable it at a later stage if needed.

From a mobile device, click on 'Import Settings' to re-import the latest changes made in the Admin Portal.

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