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When is this helpful?

What are tags and how can they be used?

What's the difference between Tags and Report Tags?

How to create a tag?

Example of Location tags

Example of User tags

Example of Scoring by category with tags

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When is this helpful?

When you need to create a Tag category for easy tracking when generating a report.

What are Tags and how they can be used?

Tags are unique labels that can be attached to a report for an easy track or can be used to create a certain type of group that can allow easy identification for the reports you would like to access regularly.

Tags can be created using the user's personal preferences and are time-saving to businesses for easy access to information.

Report Tags: Report tags will be available only within a questionnaire. You can set them for each question individually. Click here for information about Report Tags.

Location Tags: The location tags can be used when you want to split your locations into regions, zones, areas, etc. Another great use-case is when you have locations that need special attention, for example, hot locations, low-risk locations, high-risk locations, etc. Applying the tags will help you filter them easier on the Analytics page.

User Tags: User tags can be used when you want to define the role, region, zone, or hierarchy of the users.

What's the difference between Tags, and Report Tags?

Report tags will be available only within a questionnaire. You can set them for each question individually.

Location and User Tags on the other hand are used outside questionnaires. They help in categorizing locations or user hierarchies.

How to create a tag?

Step 1: Log in to the admin portal: on a Desktop. Under 'Advanced', go to 'Tags'. Click 'Add Tag Category' on the top-right.

Step 2: In the Add Tag Category window, add the tag category name, description, and where it should be shown (Location or User).

Step 3: Click 'Save'.

Step 4: Click 'Add Tag' to add multiple tags to the tag category.

Example of Location tags

You can create location-based tags like this one:

Example of User tags

Or user-level tags like this one:

To enable the report tag feature, email

Once the support team has enabled the feature, a report is generated and any tags you have created in the checklist will appear as below on your report:

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