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When is this helpful?

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Viewing report activity

Filtering report activity

Actions that can be performed on a report

When is this helpful?

The 'Manage Reports' section is helpful for auditors and senior managers to administer the overall audit process.

You can manage reports of audits conducted by various departments in your company.

Step 1: Log in to the admin portal: on a Desktop.

Learn Feature

The learn button will provide you with helpful information related to the actions that can be performed on the Manage Reports page. There is also a link to email the GoAudits Support team.

Viewing report activity

If you want to check out a specific company's report or audit activity, you can use the dropdown box at the top and select the company you wish.

This section shows all of the existing reports in the 'Reports' area and all of the deleted reports in the 'Archived/Deleted' area.

Each record in the list displays the following columns.

  • Report Reference ID: Reference ID of each specific report

  • Company/Dept: Name of the company or department

  • Report name: Name of the report

  • Location: Location of the company/dept

  • Date: Date when the report was generated

  • Submitted by: Name of the auditor who submitted the report

  • Status: Status of the report

  • Score: Final score of the report

  • Actions: List of actions that can be performed on a specific report

Filtering report activity

You can even add a filter during a search to check out the activity based on a specific Report Reference Number, Report Name, Location, Date, Submitted By, Score or even Status of the report.

There are 3 valid statuses for any audit report. They are:

  • In Progress: This is when an audit is being done and has not been completed.

  • Approved: The audit has been completed and approved.

  • Rejected: The audit has been completed and rejected.

Actions that can be performed on a report

You can perform the following actions on any report.

  • Edit: You can edit the 'Status', 'Auditor', and 'Person in Charge' of the audit. Here you can even resend the email of the report to the initial recipient.

  • Download: You can download a report in PDF format.

  • Regenerate: You can regenerate a report.

  • Archive/Delete: You can archive/delete a report.

Note: Any report that has 'In Progress' status will not be available for editing or changing the status. All reports must be marked as 'Completed' to be able to edit them from the portal.

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