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When is this helpful?

Adding/editing a score range

When is this helpful?

  • When you want to add or edit the score range for a specific audit form

  • When you want to add multiple score ranges to an audit form

  • When you want to edit the score type, min and max values, grade color, or grade text for an audit form

Step 1: Log in to the admin portal: on a Desktop. Under ‘Setup’, select 'Forms/Checklists'.

Step 2: From the dropdown at the top, select the company in which you wish to edit the specific form.

Step 3: Click the 3 dots and select 'Edit'. You will be taken to the Edit form page.

Step 4: Click 'Add/Edit Score Range' on the top-right.

Step 5: The 'Add/Edit Score Range' box appears on the screen.

You can change the score type here to either Percentage or Score from the dropdown.

You can also select the minimum and maximum values of the score, its grade color, and grade text from the corresponding columns.

You can even add multiple score ranges to the checklist by clicking on 'Add Rows' on the top-left.

If you want to delete a score range, click on the delete button on the extreme right.

Step 6: Once you're done, click 'Save'.

From a mobile device, click on 'Import Settings' to re-import the latest changes made in the Admin Portal.

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