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When is this helpful?

Adding a new user

Managing a user's access rights

Advance Settings-Assigning Roles

When is this helpful?

  • When you want to add a new user

  • When you want to manage access rights to a new user

  • When you want to assign roles to a new user

Adding a new user

Step 1: Log in to the admin portal: on a Desktop. Under 'Setup', click 'Users'. Then click 'Add New User'.

Step 2: You will land on the 'Add User' page. Here add the following user details:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Password

  • Job Title

  • Short Name

  • Time Zone

Managing a user's access rights

Under 'Manage Access Rights', you can decide what access you can give to a user.

There are 3 access rights to can give to any user:

  • Access to the app: Gives access only to the mobile app

  • Access to the analytics: Gives access to the portal analytics

  • Access to the Web Admin Portal: Gives access to the whole web admin portal

Advanced Settings- Assigning roles

When you click 'Advanced Settings', a section appears where you can assign a role to the user.

From the Custom Role dropdown, choose a role.

To create a new role, click 'Create New Role'.

You can also add custom tags for the user. To create a custom tag, click 'Manage Tags' on the bottom-right.

Once you're done with adding a user, click 'Save'.

From a mobile device, click on 'Import Settings' to re-import the latest changes made in the Admin Portal.

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