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When is this helpful?

Creating an email template

When is this helpful?

  • When you want to create a template for a checklist email you want to send to an auditor

  • When you want to manage all your email templates

Creating an email template

Step 1: Under 'Setup', go to 'Email Template'. You will find a list of all the email templates you've created for all the companies.

Step 2: Then, select the company from the dropdown at the top-left. When you select one, all the checklists created for that company will appear below.

Step 3: Select the checklist for which you want to create an email template.

Step 4: Each time an audit is performed in the selected company, its report will be sent in an email to the desired email address.

So, under 'To Email' enter the person's email address to whom you want to send this report.

If you want to send it to even more email addresses, you can add those under 'Cc Email'.

The Subject will be automatically generated. But you can edit it based on your requirements.

The Email Message is also automatically generated for you. But, as usual, you can edit it based on what you want to send to the recipients.

Step 5: Click 'Save' when you're done creating the template.

This means that each time the selected checklist is completed, its report will be generated and sent to the specified email address(es).

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