This article outlines some of the network configurations your organization may need to have in place to fully support GoAudits functionalities.

Whitelist GoAudits domains and URLs

Please note that we have several domains and URLs to support the GoAudits admin portal, web app, mobile app, and web services. If your organization has firewall or filtering settings in place to block unknown connections, you may need to whitelist the following domains and URLs for GoAudits to function at its full capacity.






Hosts the marketing website

Hosts the marketing website

Hosts the Knowledge center

Hosts the Administration portal

Provides Analytics on the user data


Hosts the web app

External APIs

External APIs to retrieve the data from GoAudits


webservices for the iOS and Android apps m

Hosts admin portal webservices

Restrict IP addresses for the GoAudits Public API

Please note that the IP addresses listed in this section may need to be whitelist for the services to function at their full capacity.


IP Address


Source IP for Emails

443, 80

App Services

443, 80

Admin and API Services

443, 80

Source IP for Images and Assets

443, 80

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