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When is this useful?

Creating custom fields

Viewing custom field in the app

When is this useful?

When you want to add additional fields or information to your audit forms or checklists. When you want to manage custom fields you created in the past.

Creating custom fields

Step 1: Log in to the admin portal: on a Desktop. Under ‘Advanced’, select 'Custom Fields'.

Step 2: Click 'Add' on the top-right.

Step 3: You will be redirected to the 'Add Custom Fields' page. Here, select the company and the checklist from their respective dropdown menus, enter the field name, and label. Then select the field type from the dropdown menu.

Step 4: Click 'Save'.

Viewing custom field in the app

Let's say you created the below custom field.

This custom field appears in your app as follows:

Note: The 'Person Incharge' fields can also be considered as a custom field.

The difference is that you can name the 'Person Incharge' field whatever you want, and you also have the choice to:

  • Show on device: Make it visible to see on the mobile device and

  • Mandatory: Make entering the name of the person in charge mandatory.

From a mobile device, click on 'Import Settings' to re-import the latest changes made in the Admin Portal.

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