Table of Contents

About GoAudits

Important Links

Basic Setup

Advanced Setup (Enterprise Only)

Other Features and Options (Enterprise Only)

About GoAudits

How to install on mobile devices

Mobile App Menu

How to perform inspections on a mobile device

How to configure an inspection using Form Builder

How to access via the web app

Mobile app overview

Important links

  1. Admin Portal - where you can configure GoAudits platform

  2. WebApp - perform inspections using a browser

  3. iOS app - install the app on iOS devices

  4. Android app - install the app on Android devices

  5. Analytics - here you can analyze or export your data

  6. Action Plan Dashboard - here you can manage the actions created for you or your team

Basic Setup

  1. How to create an account

  2. Create Company/departments

  3. Adding the locations

  4. Configuring the checklist

  5. Report Setup and Styles

  6. Adding new users

  7. Setup Email Distribution

  8. Setup the Action Plan Assignees

Advanced Setup (only available on Enterprise)

  1. Roles and Permissions

  2. Custom fields

  3. Workflow Setup - Audit + Action Plan

  4. About Report Tags

  5. Location Tags & Users Tags (Article will be available soon)

  6. About Analytics Action Plans

  7. Score Range for reports

  8. Scheduling

Other Features and Options (only available on Enterprise)

  1. Custom distribution list (Contact team to enable)

  2. Daily/Weekly/Monthly reports (Contact team to enable)

  3. Action Plan Activity report (Contact team to enable)

  4. Cover page on reports (Contact team to enable)

  5. Broadcasting (Contact team to enable)

  6. Show Tags in export (Contact team to enable)

  7. Show Tags as filter in Analytics page (Contact team to enable)

  8. Geofencing (Contact team to enable)

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