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Add new action plan priority

Delete/Restore action plan priority

Resort action plan priority

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When is this helpful?

The action plans settings are helpful when the user wants to define how many days to assign for each priority of the action plan. For example, you may set a high priority action is 24 hours and for low priority actions, it may be 5 days.

Step 1: Log in to the admin portal: on a Desktop. Under "Advanced", select "Action Plan Settings".

You will be directed to the screen below. You have the option to:

  • Add a new priority

  • Edit an existing priority

  • Delete/Archive

Add New Action Plan Priority

To add a new action plan priority complete the following fields;

  • Select Company from dropbox

  • Select Checklist from dropbox,

  • Enter your priority

  • Enter the due days (the number of days before the tasks is due to be completed)

  • Select a color for that priority.

  • Optional-Assign Default Priority

  • Click SAVE to keep the changes made.

Delete/Archive Action Plan priority

To delete an action plan priority, Click on the 3 dots under Action, then select Delete/Archive.

Restore Action Plan Priority

To restore an action plan priority, Click on the 3 dots under Action, then select Restore.

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