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When is this useful?

Enabling action plan on a form or checklist

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When is this useful?

When you want to use the action plan feature while performing an inspection. This will allow you to set up Action Plans as part of the audit process to assign any findings to an individual from your team or an external team to perform an action.

Enabling action plan on a form or checklist

Step 1: Log in to the admin portal: on a Desktop.

Go to Company/Dept. Under 'Companies', select a company and click 'Edit'.

You will be redirected to the Edit company/dept page.

Step 2: Click on the 'Manage action plan assignees' section on the right.

Step 3: Click on Form Builder. Select the company and checklist from the dropdowns on the top.

Step 4: Click on the question to which you want to enable the action plan. Then go down to the Action Plan section on the bottom-right and toggle it to Action plan required.

Step 5: Click 'Save'.

Note: If you wish to set the action plan to all the questions in the checklist, go to the top-right and check the mandatory button under Question (Button) and then do the same under 'Action plan required' in the bottom-right.

Action Plan Default Value

The default value field allows you to create a specific answer to appear as the action to be taken, when an action plan is required.

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