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When is this useful?

Resending emails for action plans

What does the follow-up email look like?

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When is this useful?

When you want to follow up with audit assignees via email about important action plan tasks.

Resending emails for action plans

Step 1: Log in to the admin portal: on a Desktop. Under 'Setup', Click on 'Dashboards'.

You will be taken to the Analytics page.

Step 2: Select the Date Range, Company, Audit Form, etc. from the Advanced Search field on the left of the screen.

Step 3: Check the boxes of those you want to resend the emails. And click 'Resend email'. You may use the Search field to locate a person by name.

Note: For those entries that don't have the checkboxes, it's because their status is 'Closed'. You cannot resend emails to assignees tagged to that audit status.

Step 4: A popup appears asking you to confirm sending emails to the selected assignees. Click 'Send'.

What does the follow-up email look like?

The follow-up email lands on the assignees' email box and appears like this.

The subject line of the email looks like 'Follow up tasks - Checklist name - Location - Date'.

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