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What is Auto-fail?

How to set up auto-fail?

How does Auto-fail appear when an audit is performed?

How to find all the auto-fail reports?

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What is Auto-fail?

It is a feature that may be used when there are one or more critical questions in a checklist. If one of those questions fails, it will auto-fail the entire report.

How to set up auto-fail?

Step 1: Log in to the admin portal: on a Desktop.

Step 2: Click on Form Builder. Select the company and the checklist from the top dropdown menus.

Step 3: Click on the question where you want to set up the auto fail function. You may set this up for multiple questions within the checklist.

Step 4: Click 'Save'.

How does Auto-fail appear when an audit is performed?

Let's say in a checklist, you have set up auto-fail for 2 questions.

Even if you give positive responses for all of the other questions but fail 2 questions that have auto-fail set up, the final report shows you have failed the inspection.

You can see here that even though the end score is 86.67% which is good, the inspection has still failed because of the auto-fail feature.

How to find all the auto-fail reports?

There are 2 ways to find auto-fail reports in the GoAudits admin portal.

1. From Manage Reports

Go to Manage Reports. Under 'Score' you will see (AF) in the brackets. These indicate the auto-fail reports.

2. From Dashboards

Under Setup, click on Dashboard. You will be taken to the Analytics page.

On the left, set up a filter and check 'Auto-fail' at the bottom. And then click 'Apply'

All the auto-fail reports based on your filter instructions will appear on the right.

From a mobile device, click on 'Import Settings' to re-import the latest changes made in the Admin Portal.

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