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When is this helpful

Sample of Standard Report Cover Page

Sample of Customized Report Cover Page

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When is this helpful?

When you would like to have a cover page for your inspection report. This cover page can include; company name, checklist name, an image, or other specific information you would like to include.

To enable a Cover Page, email In the email, provide the company and checklist name that you are requesting a cover page for. If you would like to include additional information, such as an image, company logo, location details, provide those details in the email, and be advised additional fees apply.

The cover page will be the first page of the report when regenerated/performed a fresh audit.

​*** Please be advised, there is a fee associated with any modification that includes information other than the Company/Checklist name. Contact for fee information.

A standard sample Cover Page is displayed below.

Below is a sample of a Customized Report Cover Page - Additional fees apply

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