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When is this helpful?

What to do if an error message appears?


When is this helpful?

The Back Up Data feature is to be used if any issues with the sync of your information occur. This feature ensures that your data is fully saved from the device to the cloud.

The Data will be saved as a raw file and the support team will have to be notified in case any reports are needed to be available on the portal.

What to do if an error message appears?

If you receive an error message when attempting to sync the data, you must email the support team. In the email to the support team you must include the following information;

  1. The name of the checklist used to perform the inspection.

  2. The Date of the inspection.

Important - Uninstalling the app on mobile devices

If you experience any issues with the app you must first Backup the data before uninstalling the app.

Step 1: Click on the menu button on the top left of the screen and select Settings.

Step 2: Click on Backup

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