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When is this helpful?

What is audit workflow?

How does the workflow feature work?

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When is this helpful?

The Workflow is a feature that introduces an additional layer for approving an inspection/audit before being sent to the end recipient.

Simplified example 1: Using the workflow, a senior inspector will have the ability to review, approve or reject an inspection done by a junior, all remotely - before the final report will be sent to the customer or completed in the system.

Simplified example 2: Using the workflow, a 2nd person will be able to see the report and add their signature remotely, and complete the report.

What is audit workflow?

Audit Workflow -The audit workflow feature will allow a particular user to approve, reject, and also sign the audits.

How does the workflow feature work?

Once the workflow has been enabled, the system will automatically send the report once completed by the auditor to the approver by email.

The Approver will have the ability to see the report, approve or reject it using the link provided.

Once approved, the report will be sent to the original recipients and if rejected, an email will be sent to the Auditor with additional information from the Approver.

The approval can be done with or without a signature from the Approver.

When the workflow has been set up, an email will be sent to the Approver as per below:

From this email, the approver will be able to review the report and approve or reject it.

Below is the email the APPROVER will receive after the assignee has submitted the action task for approval.

You will notice the approver has the option to Approve or Reject that action task.

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